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What is coaching? 

Coaching is a vehicle for transformation - it can be at times a mirror which reveals things that have been hidden, a vessel for moving down life’s pathway, a supercharger for transformation and a window into a life of deep fulfillment and gratitude.

A coach shows up with a lot of curiosity, which serves to bring to the surface a client’s best. Coaching empowers clients to be their most authentic selves by asking them questions that will uncover their what, when, where, and how while anchoring them to their why. It’s about loving accountability and NOT about giving advice or direction, even lovingly - this is about holding the client’s agenda and challenging them to take hold of the fullness of their power.

A coach has questions and doesn’t give answers - coaches provide space for exploring your values without imposing their own. Coaching is a space for dreaming big and for doing even bigger, and also a space for deep processing and powerful learning. At times it is about being with uncomfortable things in the service of growth and acknowledging progress - even celebrating wins. It is about the dance between who you are being and what you are doing; it’s an amalgamation of learning, action, love and truth at every step in along the path.

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